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AltaClaro Jan 21, 2019 12:31:37 PM 3 min read

AltaClaro Guide: Social Media Defamation Across Jurisdictional Borders

Social Media activity initiated in one jurisdiction can collide with anti-defamation laws in another, sometimes in unexpected ways. AltaClaro sat down with Richard Mitry of Australian law firm Mitry Lawyers  to get his insights on this fascinating cross-border issue.




Richard Mitry has worked at top-tier and boutique firms in Australia and in the United Arab Emirates, and has been involved in several start-up businesses. Richard was also one of the co-founders of Mitry Lawyers in 2009. Richard's main areas of practice are defamation and media, property and environmental law, commercial litigation, and insolvency. He lectures in the Masters of Law at College of Law NSW and regularly contributes to education, providing lectures to the community and other lawyers, as well as recently attending a prominent university in India, where he lectured in defamation law.